How to embed media in a post

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How to embed media in a post

Post by RoadWarrior » Sun Jun 25, 2017 4:23 pm

The fast and easy way, just cut an paste a URL that you can share into a post and click the Preview button. If the media appears in the post, your done. If not, then read further.......

If you want to embed media into a post, without leaving the page, you have two choices to do this.
  • 1) Use the media button in the post editing window ( it is the button between the dropdown that says Normal and Custom BBCodes). You can put the embed ready URL between the [media] tags
    2) Paste the URL in the post without any tags, just the URL only - This is the easy way.....

It doesn't matter which option you choose. However, the URL that contains the media must be able to be embedded. In other words, it must be "embed" ready. When you are viewing the source media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc), you should be presented with some sort of SHARE option or EMBED option to share the media with others. If the URL is not an embed ready style of URL, when you put it in your post, it will just appear as a normal URL

For example, on the YouTube video below, each YouTube video has a Share button, you click the button and an embed ready URL is shown and it works in the post:

However, if you take the URL from the browser, you will get this below, notice how the URL appears and not the embedded video:
The link above is not "embed" ready and works like a normal URL. It takes you to the page and you leave this site.

After you have your post created, before you hit submit, press Preview. This will show you whether the media is embedded in the post or not. If not, you can fix it before you submit. Sometimes a website will give you a bunch of code around an embed ready URL. You do not need all this other stuff, you can remove all the other stuff and just keep the http or https URL portion and remove all the stuff after it. Again, hit preview to ensure it is embedded properly.

Bottom line, if you have an embed ready URL all you need to do is paste just the plain URL in a post and the system takes care of the rest.

I hope this helps.....
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