New Embedded Media Feature

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New Embedded Media Feature

Post by RoadWarrior » Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:23 pm

The forum now supports embedding medial URL's within a post. Before when you would post a YouTube URL or an Instagram URL, you would just see the URL and you had to click on the URL to go to the page to view the media. Now you will actually see the media within the post window.

If you recall, I added YouTube only media to the Video's gallery. This was to allow you to post X Rider YouTube content for the group. It wasn't suited to post any other YouTube media or any other website media. This new feature is different, as it doesn't store the media on our server but allows the URL to actually show the media within the post. You do not go to a new page and off the site any longer. The only caveat is that you need to use a URL that is intended to embed into other web sites. Usually the source site will allow you to embed the media and give you a URL to use.

Over 100 different sites are supported.

Here is a YouTube example:

Here is a twitter example:

Funny or Die example:

I will make a separate post with instructions on how to do's easy!
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