Engine Removal

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Engine Removal

Post by Wolfpack » Wed Oct 02, 2013 6:38 pm

Post on the big board but thought should post here as well!!

Having just done it thought I'd give my opinion on how its done. The manual states that you need to use 2 5foot poles to lift the engine out . Not sure if all the Bikes mount the same but on my N model the only engine mount that can't be un-bolted from the frame is the lower front mount which happens to be the one you have to work around to dis-engage from the drive shaft. Two of us fought for several hours to actually get the engine out. BUT and make that a BIG BUT when it came to replacing the engine we came up with the idea of getting a 1ft by 3 ft 1/8inch plate steel . We set it on the frame then supported the outer end with a jack , set the new engine on the plate and slid the engine into place, lined up the differential and drive shaft work the engine back into place and then pulled the plate out. So basically removal with poles 4 hours at least installing with plate 15 min. Not sure if the plate will easily go in for removal but if I had to do it again I'd get a couple guys to lift it straight up and try to slide the plate under it ( REMOVE the oil filter before starting)

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